Kohkorya Resort Kanchanaburi

Your corner of happiness among rivers and hills

Many years ago, this beautiful small island was hiding itself somewhere not far from downtown Kanchanaburi. The lifestyle of the local people was very simple. Sugar cane farming and fishing were the main sources of income. Years later, civilization has brought more tourists along the river by raft and past this beautiful land. Located by a graceful hill and river, sheltered from the hot sun, it’s the perfect location for a break from a long journey.

A short visit almost always turns into an overnight stay. Kanchanaburi is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. People from the world over come to experience a relaxing raft ride along the beautiful Kwai Noi River. In the evening, the air is filled with the beats of the music that brings the night to life. The moonlight reflects off the surface of the river setting the mood for an enchanting evening. In the morning cool breezes bring fresh air mixed with the smells of various kind of plants and flowers.

The local people have given the name to this land “Koh Korya“.

Some people come to Koh Korya to have some peace and quiet during the week as it is only 10 minutes drive from downtown Kanchanaburi. While others choose to visit on the weekend to have a great time with their friends by rafting from downtown Kanchanaburi on the Kwai Noi river.

If you are looking for the perfect place for your seminar or small private party by the river you couldn’t find a better location. Simple, natural, and sophisticated complete with full facilities, Koh Korya is waiting for you.